With CashFlow Enhancement Group, your organization can expect to see the following benefits:

Financial Benefits:
  • Produce and maintain very high levels of cash flow performance, month after month, as evidenced by cash receipts and DSO.
  • Improve debt-to-equity ratio
  • Reduce external financing needs and borrowing costs
  • Enhance credit ratings
  • Reduce bad debt expense
  • Attain and exceed levels of DSO that are considered “best possible” or previously considered unattainable
  • Reduce support costs by eliminating the need for internal staff to perform the customer contact function creating the opportunity to reduce or reallocate full time employees
  • EVA positive
  • Replace fixed costs with a volume-based variable cost
  • Improve financial performance while cutting costs – programs are self-funding
Operational Benefits:
  • Freeing up of internal human capital so that they can provide increased value by focusing on your core business
  • Immediate inflow of cash
  • Outsourcing allows companies to retain their focus on their core business and tasks
  • Acquire experience and expertise without hiring and adding full time employees
  • State-of-the-art customized technology designed specifically for maximizing the collection process and communicating information throughout your organization without the substantial and prohibitive investment
  • Training of customers to pay closer attention to agreed upon terms
  • Uncover root causes for invoice discrepancies and late payments
  • Turnkey solution for acquisitions and consolidations