CashFlow Enhancement Group was created in response to the following two realities encountered by businesses today:

  • Working capital improvements drive financial performance.
  • Within working capital improvements, success in generating maximum cash from receivables is sorely lacking. Companies generally lack the focus, expertise, systems and processes to generate the maximum cash from their accounts receivables month after month.

We regularly see companies with management accepting higher than average DSOs as best possible, thus forgoing substantial increases in working capital.

CashFlow Enhancement Group started in 1997 with the goal of systematically executing the best practices in cash acceleration and receivables management for our clients across their entire customer base. Our clients depend on us to be a driving force in attaining improved financial performance.

  • We perform as an extension of our clients' organizations.
  • We are not a collection agency that works bad debt.

  • What you thought was "best possible" may only be sub-optimal...

    Companies meet with CFE Group when encountering the following scenarios:
    • They realize their credit staff and processes have not changed or adapted for years, leading to the potential for complacency and unrealized improvement in cash and receivables metrics.
    • They witness similar companies achieving significant improvements in cash and receivables performance via partnering with CashFlow Enhancement Group.
    • When growth expectations require a reevaluation of the infrastructure and staff to avoid erosion of cash and receivables performance.

    As our partnership is a co-source arrangement, we do not disclose the company names of our clients (unless otherwise approved); Client References are available upon request.

    In addition to our managed service offering, we also have available a Software as a Service (SaaS) small business alternative:

    Our Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution

    Finally, a complete solution for those looking to get the most cash out of their receivables, month after month.

    How to maximize cash flow by getting your staff to manage A/R like experts.

    Small and midsize companies now can utilize the strategies, system and techniques used by top A/R outsource firms that drive cash and collection performance for traded Fortune 2000 companies to best possible levels. Many of these publicly traded companies strive to impress the investment community with the exceptional level of cash their companies can generate.

    This is not factoring, collection agents or outsourcing. CFE Systems is a complete web based system combined with the strategies and techniques that will have your staff performing the right steps at the right time, all while providing visibility to their efforts and receivables issues across your organization.

    Companies utilizing the CFE Systems solution can expect their staff to generate the maximum cash collections from receivables month after month.