Imagine the opportunity... start with a clean slate and invest the time and resources to create a world-class Accounts Receivable (A/R) department focused on maximizing cash, increasing customer satisfaction and providing extensive reporting. Cash Flow Enhancement Group affords this for only a fraction of the investment needed to do this on your own.

CFE Group specializes in turning A/R to cash faster. We have a passion for improving the order to cash cycle that results in enhanced working capital, lowered DSO and improved past due metrics.

  • Our co-sourcing approach includes being transparent to your customers and is focused on relationship building
  • Our technology solutions provide comprehensive reporting and real time access to your information
  • Our proprietary best practices, processes and specialized systems are tailored for managing receivables portfolios
  • If your company (from midsized to Fortune 500) is not satisfied with its receivables performance, we can help. Start-up is easy, and with only a four-month trial period, you can determine whether you’re receiving the value expected.

    A quick review of your open A/R allows us to determine the potential improvement you could realize.

    Intense Focus On Cash

    Think of the passion, focus, expertise and key people your organization relies upon to drive your core business. Companies turn to CashFlow Enhancement Group to obtain that same passion in their drive toward better financial performance. CFE Group meets, or in most cases, greatly exceeds the cash expectations of its clients. Results are seen quickly with significant improvement in just one quarter (e.g. DSO drop 10-30%). The transition to a co-source arrangement with CFE Group is surprisingly smooth, and our clients quickly gain confidence that the optimal strategy for maximizing cash is being fully executed.

    Successful finance executives have learned that improvements in working capital drive improvements in financial performance. CFE Group provides its clients the benefits of improved working capital by significantly accelerating the turnover of accounts receivables to cash. Unfortunately, companies find these benefits to be elusive when attempting internally driven initiatives (even in the best of organizations), in part because this endeavor is not a core business exposed to market forces.

    With CashFlow Enhancement Group, your organization can expect to see the following benefits:

    Financial Benefits:
    • Produce and maintain very high levels of cash flow performance, month after month, as evidenced by cash receipts and DSO
    • Improve debt-to-equity ratio
    • Reduce external financing needs and borrowing costs
    • Enhance credit ratings
    • Reduce bad debt expense
    • Attain and exceed levels of DSO that are considered “best possible” or previously considered unattainable
    • Reduce support costs by eliminating the need for internal staff to perform the customer contact function creating the opportunity to reduce or reallocate full time employees
    • Improve financial performance while cutting costs – programs are self-funding
    Operational Benefits:
    • Freeing up of internal human capital so that they can provide increased value by focusing on your core business
    • State-of-the-art customized technology designed specifically for maximizing the collection process and communicating information throughout your organization without the substantial and prohibitive investment
    • Acquire experience and expertise without hiring and adding full time employees
    • Training of customers to pay closer attention to agreed upon terms
    • Uncover root causes for invoice discrepancies and late payments
    • Turnkey solution for acquisitions and consolidations

    Our Technology

    As part of our partnership, we include a highly visual and interactive A/R dashboard that provides management key information at a glance, including:

    • Past due percentages, dollar amounts and aging, including trends
    • Total A/R, amount current and customer payment promises
    • Cash flow impact of 1) customers not paying within invoice terms and 2) unpaid disputed balances
    Graph 1

    Drill down capabilities are included to provide account specific details (i.e. balances, terms claims, past due reason analysis, etc.) for more in-depth review. Additional analytics specific to open disputes enables root cause analysis and targeted action for resolution. Payment promise information provides insight into upcoming customer payments, supporting cash flow forecasting. The following is a sampling of what’s included:

    Graph 2

    CFE's web-based Portal provides your staff easy access to the information they need. Designed to maximize the effectiveness of our collaboration, the CFE Portal includes:

    • All notes from CFE customer interactions are available for review at any time
    • Areas for clients to enter notes & communications, so all are visible to stakeholders
    • On demand reports: customized sortable aging lists and disputes, exportable to Excel or PDF
    • Key reports (e.g. disputes, problem accounts, etc.) automatically distributed via email to those who need to know and act
    • Our exclusive E-Statement function, whereby statements are emailed directly to customer contacts at a designated date each month; Emailed statements to individuals utilizing our unique approach generates very high levels of responses and information collected, as compared to mailing statements


    Our newly developed Dispute Assignment and Escalation module seamlessly integrates with our CFE Portal. Custom designed to drive targeted attention and increased accountability for dispute resolution, its functional capabilities include:

    • New disputes are emailed to the individual(s) responsible for investigating and resolving them within minutes of entry; assignment is rules based and configured based on your specific requirements
    • Disputes not being worked are escalated to any number of your specified management levels; escalation is also rules based and configured by settings for days idle and/or dollar amount
    • On-demand reporting in the CFE Portal provides targeted reporting for dispute assignees and those designated for escalation
    • Emailed reports of assigned and escalated disputes are scheduled when and how often you prefer