Imagine a customer willing to walk a half a million dollar invoice through the system in just 5 days to ensure you receive the funds for month end. Strong relationships, good proactive calling techniques and a system built to identify these opportunities can make that happen.

On March 28 our client generated an invoice for a customer in the amount of $594,000, with 1.5% 10 Net 30 terms.

With Q1 ending in just a few days, we decided to contact the customer the day the invoice was generated to let them know the invoice was on its way and to inquire if they would be interested in taking advantage of the 1.5% 10 discount terms.

Why did we take this proactive approach, asking if the payment could be approved and processed in just four days versus 10 days in order to take advantage of this discount?

Along with an intense focus on generating cash from every possible opportunity, it's because we enjoyed a positive and long-standing relationship with this customer. Thus, we felt comfortable in asking for this favor.

Because of this relationship, the customer was open to this request, but readily admitted it may be a challenge to expedite such a large payment so quickly. However (and this is a BIG "however"), because of our healthy relationship, the customer promised to give every effort to make this happen.

Our call agent had helped them to resolve some issues in the past and respectfully and gently asked if they would consider returning a favor.

As a result, our contact at this company hand carried the invoice through the entire approval process, even pulling the check once cut to make sure it was overnighted to us.

While it's obviously not a standard practice to ask a customer to pay an invoice prior to the due date without incentive, this is a perfect example of how steady and open relationship building helped us to generate a half million dollars in cash by quarter's end!