Finally, a complete solution for those looking to get the most cash out of their receivables month after month!

How to maximize cash flow by getting your staff to manage A/R like experts

Small companies now can utilize the strategies, system and techniques used by top A/R outsource firms that drive cash and collection performance for traded Fortune 2000 companies to best possible levels. Many of these publicly traded companies strive to impress the investment community with the exceptional level of cash their companies can generate.
This is not factoring, collection agents or outsourcing. CFE Systems is a complete web based Software as a Service (SaaS) system combined with the strategies and techniques that will have your staff performing the right steps at the right time, all while providing visibility to their efforts and receivables issues across your organization.

Companies utilizing the CFE Systems solution can expect their staff to generate the maximum cash collections from receivables month after month.

Turn key solution to maximizing cash

CFE Systems includes a complete approach customized to guide your staff toward reaching your cash flow goals. Companies utilizing CFE Systems receive the following:

  1. A highly effective and proven collection strategy - Through CFE Systems, companies gain instant access to the means to execute strategies designed to maximize cash proven to work for Fortune 2000 companies.
  2. Collection technique and approaches proven to maximize cash and actually improve customer relationships. Note that the approach to collection calls we utilize and is considered as best practice is very much not an aggressive, negatively toned communication with a customer that is past due, but a customer service based approach to receivables management.
  3. System training, initial consultation and system and reporting set up – CashFlow Enhancement Group staff will perform the steps needed to get your staff up and running quickly. CashFlow Enhancement Group is also available for ongoing support and assistance.
  4. A complete web based system populated with your data that drives the entire customer contact (collection call) strategy and provide visibility to those who need it.
    • The web based system will guide your staff in placing calls to customers, be the point of data entry for all collection notes and become the hub for viewing the status of your staff’s workload and the status of your receivables.
    • The web based system will also automatically distribute reports on disputed invoices and other problems via email to those needing to act upon the issue.
    • The web based system includes our exclusive e-statement function whereby statements are emailed directly to customer contacts at a designated date each month. Emailed statements to individuals utilizing our unique approach generates very high levels of responses and information collected compared to mailing statements.
Web based - No software to buy, install, maintain or upgrade

There will never be a need to companies using CFE Systems to buy, install, maintain or upgrade software. All systems are completely secure and backed up daily. Users can access the web based system with a web browser, username and password (of which are managed by CashFlow Enhancement Group).

Cash Flow Enhancement Group can also assist, as needed, with interim staffing of the collection function by individuals thoroughly trained and versed with the CFE System approach. Our managers and partners can also contribute expertise and extensive experience to help you with unique problems with your receivables.