Tested, Refined and Proven

Co-sourcing with CashFlow Enhancement Group means you can immediately plug into a time tested, highly refined and proven resource with the following infrastructure already in place:

Managed by top notch partners and project managers...
...staffed by highly trained and motivated employees...
...leveraging our proprietary processes and specialized software and systems...
...all focused on one thing: Turning over the most cash from your receivables.

The CFE Approach includes the following operational strategies we systematically execute for our clients:

  • Biggest and best paying customers receive better customer service because problems such as missing invoice copies, pricing and delivery issues and POD requests get resolved quickly. 
  • Customers looking to hold cash via slowing payables learn that their payment habits are closely monitored. These customers become trained to include our clients on the next check run and look to hold cash from other vendors that are not watching as closely. 
  • Those few potential delinquencies are quickly identified. These customers are immediately brought to our clients’ attention so that decisions can be made on the next steps. 
  • Always a friendly, responsive and highly professional person calling under our clients’ name helping them to resolve problems.

The outcome is maximum cash, month after month. Co-sourcing with CashFlow Enhancement Group means companies can reap the benefits of having a fully managed and staffed department built around best practices in cash flow acceleration.

Strengthen your financial position with an upgraded receivables department.

By co-sourcing with CashFlow Enhancement Group, you will upgrade your receivables performance and improve your financial position. Engaging CFE Group results in increased customer satisfaction, more efficient operations, access to best practices and significantly increased cash flow. In addition, our completely web-based Portal provides your staff easy access to the information they need.

CFE Group offers clients:
  • Significant financial impact - Your cash and receivables metrics will improve, your operating costs will decrease, and your bad debt expense will be reduced.
  • Expertise and staff without hiring - CFE Group is a market driven team constantly adapting to the needs of our clients. We act as an extension of your company, so your customers do not know a third party has been hired.
  • Technology without the investment - CFE Group provides focused and customized technologies designed specifically for maximizing the collection process and communicating information throughout your organization.
  • Improved management focus - Our systems will relieve your company of managing and staffing a high volume, labor intensive process that is usually performed at suboptimal levels.
  • Consistency and sustainability - Highly effective cash collection outcomes month after month through systematic execution of best practices applied through your entire receivables portfolio.

What to anticipate as a client:

Clients quickly gain confidence that a team managed and staffed by experts, using the best technologies and techniques, are constantly executing a strategy that maximizes cash and receivables performance.

  • Clients see a quick impact on their organization. They can expect to see significant results within only one quarter.
  • Clients meet and exceed stretch cash goals.
  • The transition to using CashFlow Enhancement Group is surprisingly smooth, with very few distractions.
  • Clients will know more about their receivables while spending less time managing them.
  • Clients realize that they have a highly flexible and self-managed resource that is very responsive to their strategies and goals.

Check out our approach to optimizing your receivables department:

  • All communications with customers will be made under the your name, as we identify ourselves as representatives from the Receivables Department. 
  • CashFlow Enhancement Group utilizes a professional, customer service based approach in all communications with customers. 
  • This is a turnkey program. We will plan, staff and manage the entire program. This is a systematic, customer service driven, phone-based process using best practices in receivables management and our customized software program.
  • Our experience in the project start-up process allows for minimal disruption and rapid results.
  • We recognize the relationship between receivables performance and resolving customer disputes with pricing, delivery, technical issues, etc. Our customer service based approach focuses on rapid identification and resolution of disputes that slow payment. We systematically route key information required to resolve these issues to the person or departments that can act upon it. 
  • Our reporting capabilities will inform you of the status of your receivables at a level that meets or exceeds your current reporting mechanisms.
  • The speed and value of the results will exceed any traditional options. We strive for significant tangible results on a very accelerated time line. Our clients quickly reach a high level of comfort and satisfaction in knowing cash flow from receivables will be optimized on an ongoing basis.

CashFlow Enhancement Group was created in response to the following two realities encountered by businesses today:

We regularly see companies with management accepting higher than average DSOs as best possible, thus forgoing substantial increases in working capital.

CashFlow Enhancement Group started in 1997 with the goal of systematically executing the best practices in cash acceleration and receivables management for our clients across their entire customer base. We are not a collection agency that works bad debt. We perform as an extension of our clients' organizations. Our clients depend on CashFlow Enhancement Group to be a driving force in attaining improved financial performance.

What you thought was "best possible" may only be sub-optimal...

Companies meet with CFE Group when encountering the following scenarios:
  • When companies realize that the credit staff and processes have not changed or adapted for years, leading to the potential for complacency and unrealized improvement in cash and receivables metrics.
  • When companies witness similar companies achieving significant improvements in cash and receivables performance via partnering with CashFlow Enhancement Group.
  • When growth expectations require a reevaluation of the infrastructure and staff in order to avoid erosion of cash and receivables performance.

Signs of poor processes or a lack of cash focus in an A/R department

The following situations have occurred at organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies down to $30 million in annual revenue. In most of these cases, the CFOs and controllers were unaware of these situations.

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“Why would you call on an invoice before it is due when there are invoices past due over 30 days?” Comment concerning an invoice totaling over $150,000 due a week before quarter end vs. an invoice for less than $500 past due over 30 days. CashFlow Enhancement Group’s focus on maximizing cash includes a systematic, proactive approach to receivables management. Placing a “customer service” call on large balances before they are due allows for resolution of any problems before the due date so that payment can be made within terms.

“We only call the customer when they have a balance past due over 30 days.” This is the most common approach to managing receivables. It is driven by the typical Accounts Receivable Aging Report whereby the A/R staff prints an aging and looks for the visual cue of a balance in the 31-60 aging bucket. Most CFO’s are not aware that meeting their cash flow goals are based on this strategy.

“Our department is shorthanded.” Very common scenario where headcount is an issue. Customer contact and a focus on cash are the first processes to suffer in shorthanded departments. Tasks that require attention such as releasing orders, posting cash and setting up customers take priority over a systematic approach to maximizing cash.

“Our DSO is higher because we are unique in the way we do business.” Most all organizations have uniqueness in their business. But the perception that a business is unique often facilitates a higher than necessary DSO.