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Our staff will allow your company to free up human capital to focus on your core business activities.


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Our tested and proven systematic approach delivers consistent results month after month.

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When pursuing significant improvements in working capital, finance executives choose CashFlow Enhancement Group as an immediately executable strategy for reaching cash flow goals. CashFlow Enhancement Group can be your organization's driving force in reaching top-tier cash flow and DSO performance in your industry.

Maximize your cash flow while reducing costs.

We provide our clients with the benefits of improved working capital by significantly accelerating the turnover of accounts receivable to cash.

See how we've helped organizations like yours transform their financial performance.

A CFO's experience with CashFlow Enhancement Group

"If you are EVA positive in 90 days, we will keep you."

Quarter end push for cash at a Fortune 500 Company

"It's 20 days before quarter end and we just increased our cash forecast by 20%."

Are You Using Relationships To Improve Receivables Performance?

Imagine a customer willing to walk a half a million dollar invoice through the system in just 5 days...

Client Size: $10M - Multi-Billion Annual Revenue
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