The prospect of change breeds misconceptions. Following are the misconceptions generally held by our clients’ sales, credit and customer service areas prior to moving forward with CashFlow Enhancement Group:

"We don't want a collection agency calling our customers."

CashFlow is not a collection agency or factoring company. We perform as a transparent extension of our clients’ organization.

“We can’t have an outside firm beating up our customers.”

CashFlow never utilizes a harsh collection technique. Our techniques are based on a customer service based approach to receivables management.

“They don't understand our business.”

CashFlow has experience that crosses multiple industries. If we haven’t already “seen it” we will be poised to immediately learn it, digest it and in many cases, leverage our expertise and resources to expand upon it.

“Why should we pay a percentage of collections for funds that will eventually come in?”

You shouldn’t. Our fees are based on the number of accounts with debit balances and bonuses for achieving mutually agreed upon benchmarks such as DSO.

“Initiatives like this are a burden to get started.”

Start-up is not a burden to the client. We have the infrastructure in place to be fully up and running in just two weeks after an agreement. We also have the flexibility to integrate our processes with that of our clients’.

“There will be too many changes associated with this.”

All processes associated with invoicing, remittance and cash posting do not change.

“Let's give them a few of our bad debt accounts and see what they can do.”

CashFlow sees our clients’ total receivables portfolio as an asset to be maximized. We look at your entire receivables base with the goal of converting it to cash in the fastest possible manner. The traditional mindset of managing receivables simply by looking to weed out bad debt is a leading indicator of under performing receivables.

“We can do this just as well as them.”

When it comes to performing a value creating process, we all understand why a core competency outperforms a support competency. Co-sourcing with CashFlow places cash performance in the hands of a firm whose core competency is cash flow acceleration. This also allows internal staff to focus on performing the supporting transaction based functions leading to improvements in those areas, as well.

“There’s really no difference between co-sourcing and implementing a collection software package.”

There is a huge difference. A software collection package is a substantial investment with ongoing additional expenses added to the collection function. Then there’s the “implementation.” Finally, there is no assurance that significant improvements in A/R performance will result. It’s a big gamble. Co-sourcing is cost neutral or a cost saver with an assurance of results.